3 biopsies and so confused

In September I went to the gynecologist and was told that my vaginal wall and cervix was irregular (irregular is kind compared to the way they acted).  I got to a NP but she brought one of the doctors of the practice in.  Both said that they had never seen anything like what I had going on "in there".  The doctor told me just to wait and watch.  Which I did not like this approach.  Monday I went to have a pap and I was told that it looked 50% worse and she called in the other doctor.  He said that he also had never seen anything like in 17 years.  My pap in November of 2012 was normal.  I am scheduled for a cone biopsy of cervix and a biopsy of my vaginal wall and bladder.  I have been told that it isn't possible to have a normal pap a year earlier and then have cancer.  Is this true? and Can anyone offer any information on my situation?


Maybe no use to you atal but I didn't want to read & run.

i also have abnormalities on my vaginal walls & into my womb. 

I am booked to have a trachelectomy for CIS on MondaY but the biopsies from my vaginal walls came back showing VAIN3 (same kind of things as CIN3 but on walls rather than cervix) so I'm having some laser treatment at the same time as my trachelectomy. 

While under general il also be having my bladder & bowel looked at & biopsies taken. 

I couldn't find much about abnormal cells on vaginal walls so not much info I can pass on really other than I'm sure they will get you seen as quickly as they can & have a treatment plan in mind for you. 

Big hugs 


Did you have any extreme weight loss?  I have lost 10# in a week.  And for me that is completely not normal.  I am overweight and LOVE to eat.  I don't feel that I have changed my appetite.  Just wondering....

I haven't I'm sorry but I am already a bag of bones thanks to my epilepsy medication!