3 attempts to get follow up smear post treatment

Hi everyone,

Just been for my third attempt to get a smear following treatment last year. Due to scar tissue they weren't able to get enough cells from the right area although they did get some which will be tested. The Doc wasn't overly worried but that she would refer me to my Consultant for an appt in 3-4 months time. Just wanted to let you know in case anyone experiences anything similar, I'm not worried, it's just inconvenient and uncomfortable as she was routing around for nearly half an hour lol xx

Hi Sara!

I hope everything is ok and you get everything sorted soon.

When i had my first smear in May it was really painful that he couldn't route around for long so the reassuring thing for you is  that you seem to be healing well.

Sorry i couldn't be much help but will be wishing you well, im sure everything will be fine :)

Vicky xxx