3 abnormal smears with hpv in a row

Wondering if anyone has had similar to me.
For the last 3 years my smear tests have shown borderline abnormalities with hpv. The first year I had a colposcopy and they said no Action was needed. The second year I had a biopsy and a cin1 result but no action needed.
This year (last week) my consultant said that was I had hpv result for 3 years I would need something done about it. This was before she took a biopsy,for which I’m waiting the result.

So even if the result comes back as cin1 again she said I’ll need a procedure. I’m a bit worried about this as all the info you read says no action is needed at cin1 stage, you just keep having an annual smear.

Has anyone else had hpv results for 3 years or more and if so what happened, did you have a procedure.

Thanks for your response.

Hi @Kazmic

This isnt out of the ordinary and not something you should be worried about, although no action is usually taken with low grade changes as its not always seen as a true precancer unless it persists, when it does persist usually after 3 years if they havnt already they will start to consider treating as the cells havnt regressed on their own, CIN is still CIN so when identified as a true precancer they will treat it xx

Thank you @Tinkerbelle29 for your response.

I’m obviously worried it may come back with a higher result but trying to keep calm about it.
I’m 59 so I’m wondering if that may be a disadvantage as well.

I guess I am hoping that it will come back as only cin1 again and they will decide no treatment is required.


I’ve the exact same thing but for 5+ years. Just had 2 biopsies today and she said she will probably be in touch for further treatment as it’s not going away on its own. I don’t know what grade it is now but it was only 1 for a few years. I was surprised when she said further treatment too as I just thought the biopsies would be enough. So it must be something they do but maybe it’s not very common.

Hi @DaisyRose Thanks for your response.

It will be interesting to see what both our results come back as then and if their action plans are similar for us.

Please let me know and I’ll do the same :blush:

Yes I definitely will. Did they give you a timeframe for the results to come back? They told me up to 8 weeks.

No she didn’t say anything except she would discuss at MDT a plan for me. I’m quite worried about it as I’m sure you are.

@Tinkerbelle29 @DaisyRose

Hi both
So I received my letter yesterday and thankfully The biopsy has come back showing no evidence of CIN which is amazing news.
However they want to discuss my case at their next MDT to decide the best plan of management going forward. The dr took a few photos of my cervix at the time so do you think she may have spotted something else or is this just to decide when I should next have my next smear, eg 1 or 3 years.

That’s amazing it was so quick! It’s probably just to see how often to test you next. I wouldnt worry :slight_smile:

Can I ask how your bleeding is post biopsy? I had the discharge but it seemed to stop over the weekend. Today I am bright red bleeding :see_no_evil: I’ve read other people say similar but thought I would ask you too.

My doctor actually said if nothing further is needed now they will probably ask me back in 6 months so it could be that for you too.

I know it was a very quick result, just 10 days!

I had a tiny bit of discharge after the biopsy but only for a couple of days, but not that much blood. It was the same with my biopsy last year so I’ve been quite lucky. Yours should stop soon I would think.

Yes I’m hoping it’s just when to next test me again. I’ll let you know again.

I thought I would come back and update as I finally have my results. At first it was CIN1 but after their meeting they spotted some CIN2 so I’m booked in for a LLETZ in Jan.

Thanks for your update @DaisyRose. Will that be after Xmas now?
I heard back after they discussed my result at their monthly mtg, I’m going to have another check in one year as they say my biopsy could be a misrepresentation. This surprised me as that means they think the biopsy may not be a true reading which seems strange.
So I just have to hope all will be ok :crossed_fingers:t2:

Yes I had it yesterday.

I think it’s because they can only take biopsies from small areas so they might just want to check on the other areas next time where they didn’t take one from maybe?

I’m back in 6 months to see if this HPV goes back into hiding now I’ve had treatment there.

I think the worst thing about all this is the back and forth. The nurse yesterday even said to me I have a season ticket to their clinic :see_no_evil: I just want normal 3 yearly smears now :laughing: