2year check up/nerves

Hi everyone

i am going for my 2 year tomorrow and my nerves are awful. I am worrying about what if it is back. Does the worry every go away. I pray all is well for all of you wounderful woman


Hi mmouse 123,

I understand what you mean.i just completed my 2 year check up. I was crying and having panic attacks during mri / usg and blood tests and during waiting. I dont know if it will fade away but the best thing you can do to yourselves is to find something to occupy your mind like knitting,  walking ,yoga ... etc.

My heart with you.

Keep us updated.

All my love,

Good luck for your check up. I know how you feel, every appointment I have I don't sleep for a week! I don't know if the worry will ever go away :-/ will be thinking of you :-) xx 

Wondering how did your check up go? Hope it went great!

Hi ladies

Thank you for all the responses. Just a little update so far my doctor said all looked and felt good. Said he will see me in 6 months. I still have to wait on the results of my vault smear which takes a couple of days. 

Pray all is well for all of you:-)

Hi ladies I got my vault smear and hpv result back and all was negative.He said he will see me in 6 months. Pray all is well for all of you fine ladies:-)

Brilliant news! Really happy for you :-)