2wks post op symptoms tlh Salpingectomy

Hi all,
Diagnosed stage 1A1 January 25th 2024.

So I’m now 16 days post op from total laparoscopic hysterectomy,ovaries reserved.
Outside stitches have healed well but I’m now feeling worse than after surgery with symptoms.I don’t know if it’s normal?Im waiting for a 111 callback.
I left hospital same day of surgery with low bp that kept dropping and they never checked me before sending me home as I could finally sit in chair for 20 mins.I had 14 days of fragmin blood thinners so they are finished now.
My symptoms now are bad lower back ache,dizziness,very tired,nausea,stomach cramps,pain in bones in vagina area,breathlessness,swollen belly,restless legs and hot sweats and pale skin.Im going to the toilet,urine and bowels seem ok.
The past few years I’ve been anaemic so am on iron tablets but at my pre op blood tests my ferritin level is down to 15 but this hasn’t been followed up?
Anyone else with similar post op?
Liz x

Hi Liz,

I am 4 weeks post op today. Same surgery as you and had the same issues you are having. It can be normal but also may need investigating. I went back in to see my consultant at week 3 to discuss pathology results and mentioned my pain along with sweats and shivers. He gave me some antibiotics to take and within 3 days i was feeling much better. Do you have a designated cancer nurse you can call? X

My cancer nurse just rang and just said to go to a&e if I get any worse,still awaiting callback from 111,drs I was 28 in queue.
Hopefully it’s normal but I’m concerned because of my low ferritin x

How are you doing today @lizf46 ??