2weeks post LLETZ, infection and still bleeding

I had LLETZ treatment 2 weeks ago and still waiting for the results.  not unusual I know but I have been bleeding since the treatment, heavily at the start then it eased after a couple of days only to start bleeding heavily again after 4 days, GP prescribed antibiotics which I have been taking and yet I am still bleeding.... Not spotting, bleeding.  

it's frustrating and worrying at the shame time! Sucks being a girl!

Hi, like you I developed an infection, I'm still bleeding and it's been 3 weeks so far. I found that first time round it took nearly 5 weeks to stop, so I'm afraid you may have to wait a bit longer :-(

Sarah x

Thanks Sarah

I just wish it would stop already as I am away from home this week for work and next week I am going to Glastonbury festival! Wish there there was one less thing to worry about.