2nd screening after colposcopy HPV back, moderate dyskaryosis

I've recently had my follow up smear, after colposcopy, this smear results show evidence of HPV was found. It was also tested for abnormal cells (cytology). It showed there are chances in the cells called 'moderate dyskaryosis'. 

I have to now wait for the team to have their next colposcopy meeting where they will then write to me with a future management plan. No date given as to when this will be or when I can expect to hear from them. 

I'm hoping that as the tone doesn't sound very urgent I don't have to worry, but I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and could share it with me please. I'm slightly concerned but really trying not to worry. 
Thank you 

I think trying not to worry is your best bet. The important thing is that they have found the changes and are closely monitoring you.  They will have a plan for your treatment and will be able to keep you safe.  

I did have abnormal cells after both my cold knife cone biopsy and then my LLETZ a year later.  I ended up with cervical cancer, but I am a statistical anomaly.  Most people clear the virus and have no other problems.  Stay off the internet and try to stick with not worrying.  It won't affect the outcome, and the numbers really on your side.