2nd primary in 6 months

Hi everyone

long post so please be patient with me. In January this year I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and then a lymph node clearance 2 weeks later which I'm pleased to say was all clear. Still have a completely numb shoulder , armpit and top of arm. 25 x radiotherapy and discharged from oncology middle of June. While I was getting radiotherapy my routine GP smear test reminder came in , so I went. Got called for what I thought was a colposcopy and got a lletz instead!! ( the same day I was discharged from oncology, I'm not kidding). Thought that was the end of it. Called back on 8th July to be told I'm 1b2. Its glandular abnormality, is that the same as adenocarcinoma?  To be honest I'm actually still just grateful it's not a secondary breast cancer even though we knew it was unlikely, but you still worry. Anyway my point is.... my smear was April 13, my diagnosis 8July and I've been told I won't have the radical hysterectomy until the beginning of October. Is this normal? It seems an awful long time to wait?  And yes I'm really scared.

That's really bad luck and I'm so sorry to hear what an awful time you've had this year. 

In answer to your question - I think it's pretty normal that they keep you waiting. I didn't have a hysterectomy so can't advise but I'm sure some lovely ladies will answer your question x

Hi Spiffy,

First point. Are you in the UK? Because if so, you should normally start your first treatment within 62  days of referral or within 31 days of diagnosis.  So October seems very late to me. There may be good reason in your case because of your other treatments so you should ask them for an explanation as to why you are not being treated within the target times.

Second point. I have had two non-hpv related primary cancers cervix (adenocarcinoma which like yours is glandular) and vaginal. One of my sisters has also had  two primary cancers of breast and  also cervix. My third sister had severe dyskaryosis. All three of us were diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene and have all had double mastectomies. If there is in any history in your family of breast, ovarian or cervical cancers I think it would be worth asking for genetic testing. 

Third point. You have had a very rough time and have the right to be scared. Be gentle with yourself, you CAN do this!

Karen x

Thanks Karen for that information. Yes I am in the uk, Scotland. I'm going to ask about BRCA testing at the next appointment. My mother had cervical cancer in her early 60's and died 5 years later from secondary cancer. Thank you for your guidance.

Hi Spiffypoo! :-)

What shitty luck! Generally speaking, cervical cancer does not require quite such urgent action as breast cancer does, so if you are accustomed to the speed with which you were treated for breast cancer then I can understand you feeling that this one is going at a leisurely pace. To be honest with you, nobody seems happy no matter what speed things go at. If it's fast then they worry that it's only fast because they are in mortal danger and if it isn't fast they think that that is putting them in mortal danger. Which side of that line do you want to stand?

You've been receiving radiotherapy which could well have an effect on your immune system, perhaps your team are allowing you a bit of time to get stronger before putting you through anything as massive as a rad hyst. It is one monster of an operation.

Be lucky :-)