2nd MRI results (done for brachy radiologist)

I have 2 different radiologists since the brachy is not done in my area. 2 hr drive one way for my brachys! Anyway, the radiologist performing the brachytherapy scheduled me an MRI last week because he wanted to see exactly what he was dealing with. I still have 2 chemos left and my 5 brachys for treatment. Well the report said (compared with my first MRI) that the initial mass was 23mmx23mm and the new measurements this go around was 7mmx5mm. No more stromal invasion (whatever that means) and still no evidence of node spread. I guess this is good news? I’m not sure how many have MRIs before they’re actually done with treatment. I’m guessing the brachys are to get the last bit of the tumor? Can anyone else weigh in on this?


i had an mri before I started brachy so the dr could see what was going on before that part of my treatment started.

I also had an mri during each brachy. They would do the insertion and then wheel me over to the mri. Then they would do the planning( this actually took awhile) all while I was lying there with the rods in place. Then they would attach the rods to the wires that connected to the machine. Everyone would leave the room except for me of course and when the time was up they would come in and disconnect the wires and begin the process of removing the rods.

From start to finish it was about a 4 hrs process. That's including getting an iv and prep. I had 4 sessions of brachy and each one was same routine. Only thing that changed was the time the rods were active. I was asleep through most of them but would wake up here and there and I did NOT feel any pain at all. 

 the brachy specifically targets the tumour and continues to work for quite some time even after treatment is done. 

Good luck. 

In a word, You're winning! :-)
OK, so that's two words :-)

Be lucky :-)

I'm not sure if you remember your results or not. But do you think that tumor shrinkage was of a good number? Is it normal to still have some of it left before the brachy? 23mm down to 7mm that has to be good right? Imcjust hoping my brachy gets the rest. Ugh, anxiety!


i did ask if my tumour had shrunk at all during my first brachy and was told it had significantly shrunk. I do not know exact numbers but was also told that even after all your brachy if there is still evidence not to worry because the brachy keeps working for quite some time. I was also told that they will not do any scans for at least 2-3 months after because there is no point as the brachy is still doing its thing. 

I know you are scared and anxious to see if treatment is working but it takes time. No worries. If your tumour has already gotten smaller then it is. Now just trust the Dr.'s as they know what they are doing. 

waiting sucks.....


I had had my entire tumour removed surgically before my chemo-rads and brachy. But I think that in normal circumstances one wouldn't expect the tumour to have disappeared completely before the brachy. The radiotherapy continues to work after you have finished your daily visits to the hospital and the brachy bangs it on the head to make sure it doesn't even think about coming back :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hello! I've just finished brachytherapy. I had two brachys a week apart. I stayed overnight in hopsital as they administered mine over 17 hours each time.

I had an MRI scan both times. My consultant didn't go into detail about the size of my tumor she just told me everythings going according to plan, looking good and it is shrinking.

To echo Lolli, my consultant also told me that the brachy works for a long time after it has been given so I have my next MRI in 3 months times too.

Hope you're okay. Sounds like everything is going well for you. Try not to worry too much xx