2nd loop treatment, advice hugely appreciated


First of all this site is amazing to show that you are not the only one! It has really helped to put my mind at ease.

If anyone has the time to read this and shed some light it would be really appreciated as I feel a bit lost ...

I had my first smear (25) in November that showed a moderate abnormal result. I was sent for a biopsy within 10 days and the results returned inconclusive. I returned once more for a biopsy and they chose to do a loop treatment at the same time. When the results arrived they advised me that quite a large amount had been taken. This sample was split into 5 segments and each one showed either CIN3 or high grade CGIN. I was referred for a 2nd loop treatment but had to wait 3-4 months to allow the scarring to heal. I had this treatment done 2 days ago and the lovely screen they show you had evidence that there was still something not quite right. The nurse has advised me that the CGIN means that it is very deep in the tissue of the cervical canal which causes it to be a bit harder to treat. She explained that if this sample shows the same degree of high grades then I can not have a third as it can comprimise being able to carry a child (I have no children and do wish to one day). However, if all is ok then I have a check up at the hospital every 6 months for 5 years.

My query is if the results do come back showing that the CGIN is still present and I cannot have a third loop then what next? I'm trying to stay positive and hope like hell that all of this is still at the precancerous stage but surely not doing any sort of treatment will evidentually cause the high grade to become invasive? What are my options if I am still in the precancerous stage and what are the chances of being able to start a family at some point? Also, on a more negative note, are the results from the first loop treatment 100% accurate or should I be preparing myself for even worse results to come?

I really would love to have children one day but if that could put my health at risk by denying treatment then obviously I have no option but to do what is needed (eg hysterectamy) but is that really the only way I can get rid of the CGIN fully? Also, is there any time scale as to how quickly the CGIN actually progresses to actual cancer?

Any advice and info would be such a great help.

Thank you



I don't know much about it but after researching it seems the other treatments are a cone biopsy teatment under anaesthetic or the hysyerectomy that takes out your cervix but not your uterus, so it's still possible to have children.  Hopefully the 2nd loop treatment worked.  

I was told before my loop treatment that they would conservatively scrape as I still want children, so it's possible that with cgin higher up, the loop treatment would cause too much damage.  It's good they are considering other options and I hope you get your answers soon.  Maybe you could book to see you GP to ask about it.  It can be hard to ask questions in the coloscopy.

Best wishes

Hi I do hope you get the results that are good and that you can have children if you don't mind me asking is loop different from cone do you know I am going out of my mind worring as I had the cone op but now been told I have cgin high grade and cin3 still I have to wait till sept for my app as I got to wait for them to have a mdt meeting what ever that is I have posted on here a couple of times but seems no answers your story sounds so similar to mine 

big  hugs praying for you xxxx

Thank you both for your reply!!!

First if all jray; That has really put my mind at ease. I assumed that if the results did not come back good then children were no longer an option so that is brilliant to know that it can still be a possibility. I think once I have received the results then I will book into to see my GP to discuss what is next and what my options are as right now it could go either way.


And dizzyrus; Unfortunately I am not that clued up on the cone biopsy apart from the cone treatment is suppose to be more precise and therefore, usually more successful. I believe loop is a more of a large removal of cells and the cone is better if it is glandular, ie CGIN. As wonderful as the nurses are I think due to the of shock of everything, we all often leave these treatments forgetting to ask all of our important questions. It's not until we get home do need the answers and its hard to know who to turn to. That is why this site is a god send! Waiting can be the most painful part :-(

I also wish you both all the best!!!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed everyone, I'll let you know how it all goes and hopefully it won't be too long of a wait xxx

Thanks Annamc it us very confusing I got letter the other day to say I had large loop op so rang doctor apparently the cone and large loop are the same op just it was called cone now changed to large loop so some docs still call it a cone thanks for getting back to me I think I am going to make a appointment at my docs just to answer my questions as cant sleep going mad so the thought if waiting 7 weeks god knows the state of me by then lol good luck again xxxxx

Hi annamc, I am new to this site but saw your post and just wanted to reply. Have you had your results back yet? I have a virtually identical story to you and had exactly the same questions just wondered if you could shed any light? I had a smear back in may 2013 (only 24) and results showed CIN3, so had a biopsy results confirmed CIN3 and found CGIN, had a loop excision a month or so later ad the results showed that they didnt get it all as the lateral margins were clear but top and bottom showed bad cells reaching the edge of biopsy suggesting there was still more in there that they had to remove (right at the end of the neck of my cervix) so yesterday had another loop under general! :frowning: I wanted the doc to say ‘oh we have got it all now so no need to worry’ but of course they say that they can’t be sure and have to wait 4 weeks for results. I should have asked all these questions then but you know what it’s like u just freeze. So what happens if there still arnt enough clear margins (I know I can’t have another loop as they have already removed 31/2cm of cervix, so if they remove more it wouldn’t function properly, doc has already said I’ll have to have a stitch when it comes to having a baby)? Does it mean I’ll have to have a hysterectomy? Is there a chance that they could find something worse I.e invasive cancer? Im so worried! All this waiting is the worse. If you or anyone has any info that would be great? Xxx