2nd LLETZ ungraded cells

Hi, I am after some advice please if anyone has had a similar experience, or knowledge around… :pray: so, I had a coil change & smear under ga, my smear came back HPV positive and high grade dyskarosis, I had a fast track colposcopy & LLETZ under ga, my coil had to be removed & replaced, I was told by the colposcopist that it wasn’t in keeping with my smear, it showed low grade cells, removed & all went well. I had a really tough time after, a lot of pain and bleeding, tiredness etc took 6 weeks to start recovering, still haven’t fully. After 8 weeks wait I chased up and was told my results were there but awaiting mdt meeting. I then received a call & follow up letter saying they confirmed CIN1 but also ungraded cells, which could be of a higher grade so want me to have another LLETZ - what does this actually mean? I don’t really understand as they couldn’t see anything else first time so what are they going to do different 2nd time? Can it not be left and monitored instead? It’s already 3 months since… it’s another coil change & ga in such a short time… & I can’t face going through it all again & the recovery - it’s now 10 weeks since I am due to return to work next week and I am worried that I will just be returning & have to go off again… sorry so long winded, I know there’s people a lot worse off and I shouldn’t complain but it’s not easy… Xxx


Sorry I can’t answer your question on if you can wait or not. I saw this when I was searching for other people who had coil replaced at the same time as having lletz.

Have you spoken to your Dr to ask if they can wait and do another smear in a couple months? Explaining your concerns on recovery and another GA in a short space of time?

I know that’s the exact reason my Dr said they’d replace my coil when doing my lletz as I have to have my coil done under GA anyway. And they didn’t want me having to have GA for the lletz and removing my coil to do the lletz. Then another a month or two later to reply the coil.