2nd LLetz - TTC shortly after - baby worries!

Hi All

I've had my second LLETZ yesterday, and hubby and I are TTC from November (giving it the 6 weeks 'safety' zone post treatment). 

Worried now about needing a cervical stitch, pre term baby and miscarriage. Has ayone had 2 LLETZ and gone on to have uneventful pregnancies/labours?!


Also worried about the results of this second one, but that's a side note!!


30.01.19 routine smear
15.2.19 high grade moderate dyskaroysis found on smear
21.2.19 colposcopy and LLETZ to investigate
28.2.19 CIN 1,2 and 3 found and excised. Positive margins but follow up in 6m.
23.8.19 6 month follow up, colposcopy and further biopsy of transformation area
29.8.19 recurring CIN2 and CIN3 found on biopsy
23.9.19 2nd LLETZ