2nd Lletz for glandular changes-positive outcome because they do happen!

Hello everyone.
This is a bit of a one and done post from me but I’m hoping I can help someone else who may be feeling like me. Who is anxious and afraid.
I was diagnosed with CIN3 had a colposcopy and lletz at the same appointment in 2011. Pathology showed margins all clear very much dealt with but it had moved to 1a cancer. It’s a weird emotion being told you HAD cancer and you didn’t know. I’m digressing though. Fast forward to the last 12 years annual cervical smears all normal.
Then this year. Went for a smear in August, in October phonecall from colposcopy (not the people you want to hear from out of the blue) glandular changes seen can I come in.
I go in and it’s the same team that do my annual smear and the same doctor that did my Lletz before. I’m of course freaking out.
My nurse had prepared me though that glandular changes you just can’t see. It isn’t that they’re more serious it’s that you cannot see them in a colposcopy and they may do a lletz because it is proper protocol.
When they suggested Lletz I was prepared. They were being very grim faced which honestly really threw me ‘some cells with high grade changes’. He went in and honestly it really didn’t hurt - I’ve had worse smears. Anyway while there he had a look at what he was taking out 9mm from both sides and 10mm from the top and couldn’t see anything abnormal. He went the whole way up and did a ‘top hat’ which by the way sounds much more charming than it is.
Anyway it’s 2weeks later. I just got a phone call again from my colposcopy nurses because they knew I’d be worried telling me the pathology has come back totally clean. Now I’ll not lie I thought ‘maybe she has the wrong results’ but no she was able to read me the size of the samples. So same ones. No rude cells found and it was a massive sample he was not taking any risks because he couldn’t see anything wrong he thought maybe it was hiding further up. I appreciated that. So it would appear that the changes have resolved themselves. Who would have thought it? Not me with every negative thought I’d been having.
I wanted to share this because having 2 lletz isn’t much fun and glandular cells are always worrying but I wanted to share this positive outcome because we always always only think of the negative, I know I did.
So if you’re sitting waiting on results or reading this in a similar situation, know it can turn out just fine.
I want to leave you with some small points to remember:

  • cervical screening is amazing and picks things up incredibly early so even in the worst case scenario you’re finding the problem way earlier and it’s much more treatable.
    -lletz are usually curative
    -the worst case scenario does not always happen even if your anxiety is telling you it will.
    -waiting on results is really scary but you have no power to change them so go out and choose to live your life. Get out in nature it will make you feel better. I went on many grudging walks around the park.
    -you will be OK. It doesn’t matter what happens. You will be OK.
    Sending you all love and good positive vibes.
    Also lletz discharge amirite!!

Thank you for this post. Waiting on results from colposcopy and trying not to think of the worst. x

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It will be fine. I know you probably can’t really take that in with your worries at the moment but they only did a colposcopy so if they need to do a lletz they will which is usually curative, they may not even need to do anything.
You will be fine.
You got this.


Thank you for your post, nice to hear something positive, I am having my second Lletz on 15th November. I had a tough recovery from the first one so very apprehensive but hopeful for a positive outcome this time. I found out I had server abnormalities while pregnant so this has been a very long road.

It will be OK. Don’t forget you’re having treatment to prevent you from having more serious changes. Things are very very early. How fantastic we can find these changes early. It will be alright put together a little basket of treats for yourself for after your lletz and climb into bed with some treats and Netflix.

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I didn’t end up having my second Lletz after a long discussion with the consultant I am having a hysterectomy in January. Nervous, but feel it’s the right decision due to the glandular abnormality I have.

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It’s good to hear something positive :slight_smile:
had Lletz a few weeks ago - high risk CGIN with high risk HPV (for the past 3yrs) I received a phone call on Thursday to discuss the results with the consultant on Monday - feeling so anxious and worried to what’s going to be said :frowning: