2nd LLETZ for CGIN

Hi everyone.  

About 8 weeks ago I had LLETZ treatment to remove CGIN.  The results came back that there was no cancer in the cells removed however I needed to have another LLETZ treatment as there was still CGIN present.  I had the second treatment on Monday and I am 99% relaxed that it will all be okay now but my question is...  is it possible that there could be no cancer in the first set of cells removed but there could actually have been another area that was cancerous and the results could come back this time showing cancer?  The only reason I think it is even a remote possibility is due to what I have read about the nature of CGIN in that it is different to CIN because CIN is all concurrent and in a constant area, i.e. no gaps between the CIN cells whereas CGIN can jump around so you can have one area with CGIN then the area right next to it is clear but then another area further up has more CGIN.  So could it be that one area is just CGIN and another separate area that used to be CGIN has progressed to cancer? As I said I'm pretty much convinced that it won't be the case but now that the thought has popped into my head I can't quite get rid of it! Any experience or knowledge (incase I've misunderstood the research I did) would be much appreciated! x


Waiting for results is always worrying. I hope they come soon for you.

With LLETZ treatments they remove extra tissue as they look for clear margins. They probably found some cells in the outer edges hence calling you back for another LLETZ.

I'm not sure what you've you been reading, but I can tell you that it's not necessarily the case that CIN is confined to one area, so please not to focus too much on that. At my last LLETZ treatment I had 4 different, separate areas of CIN removed from my cervix with laser and LLETZ. If you can, try not to read too much online. Easier said that done I know - I myself have spent hours doing it, but it doesn't help in the end as all the research and stats in world aren't going to tell you what will happen, and it's of course possible that all the cells will be removed from your treatment. I think the uncertainty and waiting is the hardest thing. For the majority of women LLETZ is a successful treatment, but I understand that waiting for results is not an easy time.

Hope your results come soon, take care and all the best to you x