2nd lletz - any different to first?

I need another LLETZ and only had the first 7 weeks ago so they will be quite close together I don’t have a date for the 2nd yet, they just said ASAP), has anyone got any experience of this? Are the issues after worse with the 2nd or the same or any better? Whilst I would like a hysterectomy rather than the potential of keep having these procedures and issues I am well aware this is unlikely so want to prepare myself for the LLETZ again!

Hi Jenny, I had a second lletz within 6 weeks of the first. My second one was under GA. Besides recovery from the GA part, I felt that the recovery from the first and second were the same. Same symptoms, same timelines, etc.
I did ask if it was too soon to have a second, because I wouldn’t have healed all the way since the first one and my consultant said there was no problems having them so close.
Hoping for good results for you :crossed_fingers:

Thank you, I guess it is good that it is no worse, I suppose I hoped it would be better despite knowing it was unlikely!!