2nd LLETZ and still CIN2 in smear test



I am, apparently, a rare case and I'd like to see if someone can throw some light here:

After 1 year and a half since my first abnormal results + HPV 'other high risk', and not seeing anything on colposcopy (ever), I've had 2 LLETZ, first showing CIN2 in the biopsy and second one showing nothing... but smear test still shows CIN2 in a more 'internal' part of my cervix (second LLETZ was already done in a more internal part of the cervix, and here is when they repeated the smear test). 


Now the doctor wants to wait for 5 months to check again, to give it 'more time to develop' so they can find the focus. 


It is a very good clinc and the doctor has been following it with the laboratory personally, but I can't stop wondering if waiting until Xmas is right or what else can I do. I obviously would like to reverse it and I've been following a healthy diet since over a year, now I'm also getting the new vaccine. Any other tips? (the thing I've not been good at is sleep and stress... but not much more I can do about this, specially as the whole process has been stressfull since the begining).


The other thing I'm anxious about is that if it's rather affecting the uterus rather than the cervix?


Sorry about the long text and many thanks in advance for any clues you can give me.