2nd LLETZ 4 weeks after 1st...

Hi all! I am new here but am in a state of worry and anxiety. I am 31 and recently went in for a much needed PAP because it had been several years and I did not think much of it. My results came back abnormal and HPV positive (what? I had no clue about what this was) My doctor ordered me back for a colposcopy and said everything looked good. However she called back a week later and the results of my pap showed CIN3 and severe displaysia. She scheduled me for a LLETZ procedure, and I really thought this was just a procedure to rid of the changes in cells/pre-cancerous cells. After the procedure was over, the doctor told me everything look good but that when she got the results she would call me. Results? So she told me she took a biospy to send off to the pathologist. She then scheduled me for a another PAP 3 months out. A week had gone by and I called for an update and left a voicemail. The doctor texted me over the weekend to see if I had gotten a call from the nurse with the results and I did not. The doctor told me she was not in front of my chart but was 95% sure it all came back clear. A few days later I called the office to be sure and the doctor proceeded to tell me: the inside of my cervix came back clear, but that the pathologist didnt see enough of the sides/outsides and that another biospy would be needed for the cells that grow on the outside of my cervix. I am so confused by this and they have set me up for another LLETZ in 4 weeks. I am so concerned that this means they have found something else. Why wasnt this looked at during the first LLETZ Does this mean the pre-cancer cells on the inside of my cervix have already moved and spread to the outside? Does anyone have any experience with this?


Any insight is helpful as I am dreading the next few weeks of waiting.

Sorry about all that , I hope all goes well .How did the second one go?