2nd CT scan tom

So I have to go for a second ct scan tom in prep for the radiotherapy and im really worried.  The oncologist said it was just to make sure everything is okay in my chest and abdomin in prep for the other treatment, I started thinking tonight what happens if I have cancer in my abdomin and lungs so stupid and irrational.  

What is the chance of anything being their after all i had micro cancer in only 2 out of 28 lymph nodes removed .....  aaaahhhh I though these feelings had gone away, have felt sp good for a few weeks now x

Hi lovely,

Try not to let your mind get ahead of itself, much easier said than done I know. It sounds like this is just a formailty, for completeness if you like? I imagine the chance of them finding anything is very remote. Don't let it stop you feeling good and positive - you need to hold on to that :)

Will be thinking of you tomorrow hun, hope it goes well. When do you start your radiotherapy?

Good luck and big hugs,

Belle x


Poor you xxx I did so much reading and researching recently. They say that it is normal to have another CT scan before radiotherapy (cancer reasearch info):

"Radiotherapy is carefully planned. At your first visit you will lie under a large machine called a simulator. Simulators use X-rays or CT scans to plan your treatment. The doctor uses this information to work out where to give your treatment to kill the most cancer cells and miss as much healthy body tissue as possible."

Hopefully this is just a standard procedure. xxx We all are worried and scared and unfortunately this cancer monkey will always be with us we just need to learn to control it but it will take time. Stay strong and as positive as you can! You can do it! xxx




Hope it all went ok today, I have very faith that they won’t find anything. I think it’s completely normal to feel like that, it’s such a lot to take in you can’t help wonder ‘what if’ and if you are like me you like to prepare for the worst because anything less than that is a huge positive!
Big hugs to you xx