2nd Colposcopy

I had a Pap done in July 2013. My first provider told me everything was fine.

I had another provider look over my results in September 2013 and apparently

my Pap results showed LGSIL, and was immediately scheduled for a Colposcopy in October.

They found a few lesions and performed biopsies. The doctor told me the results looked ok, CIN 1,

and that I should follow up with another Pap in a year. 

That fall my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Her doctor found traces of cancerous cells in her omentum, liver, and Ovaries.

After talking with my older sister, I found out she too had a history of abnormal Pap smears, and has had a colposcopy

and a Cone Biopsy performed. 

This year, I returned for my annual Pap Smear and found out the results came back abnormal again.

I am scheduled for my 2nd colposcopy next week.

Every once in a while I have mild, uncomfortable pain in my lower pelvic area. 

I'm a tad bit worried of what my results will be.