2nd colposcopy

Hi all,


im hoping for some advice, I had a colposcopy and some punch biopsies 2years who, told irregularities and would monitor with regular smears. I had my smear 4 weeks ago and another call up for a further colposcopy. I’m worried with everything else going on just now so don’t want to pester NHS. Is it common to have two colposcopies in just 2 years? Anyone with any advice would be very welcome!




Ive had a similar experience. 

In May 2018. I was referred to colposcopy as had bleeding after sex. They took punch biopsies but they came back clear.

I then had routine smear in May 2019. My results came back high grade cell changes so referred back to colposcopy. I had that coloscopy in august 2019 and also had LLETZ to remove cells. 

Then I have had just had my follow up smear and colposcopy 3 weeks ago. currently waiting for my results.

But yes, 3 colposcopies in 2 years. Hope youre doing okay x