2nd Colposcopy

Going in on June 11th for my 2nd Colposcopy and I can't help but to feel nervous.. I promised myself this time I wouldn't get overwhelmed with wondering and waiting, but I can't help to find it difficult. I know being that I am staying on top of things that everything should be ok. I just need to stay out of my own head. Wishing everyone else the best and hope all goes well for all you ladies.



Hi Jess

Good luck for your 2nd colposcopy. It’s totally normal to be nervous. But try to stay positive and good luck.

C x

Same thing happened to me. I had one colposcopy privately and then because I opted for public for my treatment I had to have another one. The first one wasnt even that bad and I had to have a biopsy in that one and this was just a colposcopy, no boipsy but I was soooo nervous about it the second time around even though I knew what to expect. As it was 3 weeks later I was thinking, imagine if they go in and look and things have progressed more in those couple of weeks. But alas, everything was the same and the colposcopy was fine - this one took longer than the last but it was okay. Just remember to breathe and try not think about it until you had to do it xxx

Just want to wish you good luck.

(big hugs)