2nd Colposcopy- starting to worry

Hello all. 

I'm hoping some of you might be able to set my mind at rest. 

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing (amounting to about 6 months) I finally had a Loop treatment in early 2012. One clear smear test in between and now, you've guessed it, I have another abnormality- high grade dyskaryosis- which undoubtedly means I will be back in the stirrups fairly soon. 

I have been ok with the 'problems' caused by abnormal cells up until now, but I'm starting to worry. Firstly, about the fact that I can't seem to get rid of the abnormal cells and as they are high risk on both occassions- does this mean i am likely to contract cervical cancer at some point? Also, I am terrified that this will affect my fertility. Do any of you lovely people know whether this affects fertility and pregancy?

I have no one else to go to and am scared about mentioning this to my partner incase he thinks I have something permanantly 'wrong' with me. 

Any advice or information would be hugely appreciated.

Hi Estella,

Sorry to hear of the problems you're having.

As far as I am aware the reoccurring abnormal smears don't necessarily mean you will get CC as I have friends who have been going backwards and forwards like you for a while and have never been diagnosed with CC.

However, I got diagnosed with CC after my first high grade dyskaryosis result.

Try to stay positive until you get the results as it's probably unlikely you will be diagnosed with CC if they have been keeping a close eye on you after previous abnormal smears.

I was told when I had both my loop biopsy and cone biopsy that it would not affect my fertility, but I would now be at risk of misscarriage, pre-term labour and will probably not be able to give birth naturally. However, if you just have a punch biopsy this should not affect you in the same way.

Good look with the colposcopy, let us know how it goes

Lisa x x x

Abnormal Smear 15/04/2013, Colposcopy & Lletz Procedure 30/04/2013, Diagnosed CC 15/05/2013, Cone Biopsy 03/06/2013, Results: Cancer fully removed but CIN still present 20/06/2013, 3 monthly colposcopies needed