2nd colposcopy soon

Hello Ladies

Just wanted to have my mind put at ease. I had colposcopy carrid out back in Ocotber 2012 due to severe dyskariosis on smear. As a result of colposcopy dcotor found some abnormak cells and siad this was small but was dotted all around my cervix. Leetz was carried out there and then. Had result letter back before christmas stating cells were CIN3 and CGIN but not stating whether these were clear margins or not. This letter also stated that I would need another colposocpy in April. Shocked at this letter as when I left I was told I would just need a smear with my GP in 6 months. 

Ever since the colposcopy in october my health has been really bad with weight loss, a cold every month (which I have never had before), fatigue, menstrual cycle having got shorter and light, and some months really bad neausea. So I went to the  doctor about all this and they did not have any of my results from my colposcpy and told me that their notes just said follow up smear required. Never the less blood tests ahve been taken showing borderline thyroid abnormalities and  amylase blood test results.

So I am just wondering what the chances are of needing leetz in April?


And could my other illnesses and general maiaise be all related to my gyny problems. 

The month is slowly approaching and I am starting to get anxious about it. 

Many Thanks 

Hi Charlie. I understand your anxiety. May i mention my situation in case it helps. I had a colpo last sept & loop diathermy there & then. 3 weeks later I got a letter to state my results were CIN 3 & CGIN 3 with an appt for 6mths time. 2 weeks later however I got another asking me to go in for more treatment with an earlier appt date. That was all the info they gave me! So, I went to see my GP who was able to log into the histology report at the hospital. She explained they hadn’t quite got it all (i.e. no clear margins) & just needed another go to make sure they’ve got it all. What she did also tell me was that it’s standard procedure for them to keep an eye on you, possibly for the next 10 years because it’s Cin3. (every 6mths for 5 yrs then annually for a further 5 years.) I’m not entirely sure if these will always be colpos or smears but please do not assume they’ve called you in for more treatment. They may just want to check they’ve got it all. If it was anything serious they wouldnt offer a standard 6mth appt. good luck x (ps. Apologies for any typos, trying to do this via my new mobile & it’s hard work lol)