2nd Colposcopy on Friday

Hi ladies

I've been referred back for colposcopy following a gyne appt on 14th March. Basically I keep having bleeding and pain after sex. My doc referred me to gyne and when I went they said that my cervix looked perfectly healthy, although you can't see abnormal cells with the naked eye (hence the referral to colposcopy again), however she did ask me about my coil.

I had my 2nd mirena hormonal coil put in Sept 2011, after I had my previous one removed in June 2011 due to having LLETZ. When my gyne told me my coil could have been responsible for the bleeding and pain I went to my local family planning clinic and had it removed (18th March). Since then I am happy to say there have been no more issues with bleeding or pain after sex. We are using condoms at the moment until I get sorted (I don't want to take any more hormonal birth control due to the effects it has on my emotional and physical health) but all this has got me wondering whether the mirena had anything to do with developing the abnormal cells in the first place.

I had my daughter in 2002 and had clear smears every 3 years right up until 2011. At this time I had had mirena for 2 1/2 years. I was experiencing the same symptoms of bleeding and pain after sex and I have had every STD test, urine and blood test going both times all with negative results. Then I had my first abnormal smear. Now the symptoms are back. I won't know until I have the colposcopy whether the abnormal cells are back, but I'm very interested to hear whether any other ladies out there have this coil and whether they have had recurrances of abnormal cells with it where they have previously been all clear?


I have had a few coils (non hormonal ones) & had problem with spotting & pain especially after sex. Then continued & I would lose a considerable amount of blood. Had it removed then all issues stopped. Shortly after had my first smear & came back severe. Had lletz & still don't have bleeding issues 9 months on.. I haven't had another coil as I needed my cervix to heal,  

Just had my check up, I'm waiting to hear if I need more treatment then if not il get a coil... Really hope issues don't come back! Hope this helps? I would defiantly believe the coil had caused major issues with my cervix but I hormonal struggle with contraception so don't know what else to do!! 

Good luck with everything xxxx

Oh no! This worries me as I'm due to have another coil (non-hormonal) next week, provided I don't need treatment today. I know what you mean though, I don't do well with hormonal contraception and I just don't want to put any more synthetic chemicals in me anymore, but I don't want to be stuck using condoms forever so a copper iud really is the only answer left for me.

I've got an appointment at gyne after my colposcopy so I'm going to ask if they offer Gynefix in my area - it's a frameless copper IUD and is more flexible so there shouldn't be any pain during intercourse. Apparently it can even reduce period pains since your uterus isn't clenching around it so much. Maybe you could look into is to see if you can get it where you are?


I hope your results come back ok. Good luck xxx