2nd Colposcopy in a month! Help!!

Exactly 1 month ago I had a colposcopy after a pap that came back asc-h. The gynocologist said it looked like cin 3 and put a rush on my results. I went back yesterday for the results and she said the pathology report was 'confusing'. It showed some cin 3, some cin 1 and extreme inflamation of my cervix. She decided to do another colposcopy then and there. She aslo took swabs incase I have an infection. This time the biopsy's hurt(she said she went deeper). I asked to look at the screen and she showed me where the cin was. From everything i've read it seems people's cin seems to grown close to the 'middle ' of the cervix? This was on the very top outer edge(the round part of the speculum was almost covering it) Is this normal? Also in Canada, they usually freeze for a leep but she said I would be going to the or as she needed to be more precise and take the whole cervical surface and 1cm deep. She said I could call in a few weeks for the results and if I have an infection to get it cleared before leep, but she was doing the leep no matter what the results are this time!Is she jumping the gun on surgery do you think? I want it gone, but i've never had surgery before. I filled out the paperwork and had my vitals for syrgery taken yesterday. The one thing I didn't ask was if I needed to take time off work? Anyone else ever have a report come back 'confusing' and extreme inflamation? I haven't had sex in 4 years so if I have an infection other than BV, i've had it a long time?!