2nd colposcopy in 6 months

I had an abnormal smear last October and a colposcopy late November. Had my follow up smear and just got a letter 3 weeks ago saying i need another colposcopy. I have pains just above my pubic bone in the middle down low, has anyone else experienced this and if 2nd colposcopy abnormal will i be offered a hysterectomy. Thanks

Hi @LouieShihTzu

They generally only offer a hysterectomy once all other treatment options havnt been successful or after a 3rd LLETZ depending how much has been removed in previous procedures, finding abnormal cells at this point wouldnt warrant a hysterectomy, this is a very last resort for treating abnormal cells as it doesnt exactly stop you from developing abnormal cells from the HPV

If they found CIN1, they would follow the same guidelines as usual and monitor with a follow up or a treatment like cold coagulation etc
CIN2&3 you would likely be offered another LLETZ… then there is also the possibility that there are no abnormalities and you would be checked again in 12 months time

I hope everything goes well at your colposcopy :slight_smile: x

Hi, thanks for your reply, im a bit concerned about the pains, they’re like a dull achy pain, dont have cramps and no periods for over 10 years no discharge either but sometimes a smell. Didnt bleed at all after 1st colposcopy.

Abnormal cells havnt been known to cause any symptoms and its extremly unlikely they would find anything more than CIN, if any, at an appointment 6 months after a treatment… cramps and a smell arnt a typical symptom of CC on its own without discharge or blood, its alot more likely that your symptoms are down to something else, usually they indicate more of an infection of some sort it or something unrelated may be worth making an appointment at your GP

Some woman dont bleed afterwards, more often than not there is bleeding after treatment but in some cases there hasnt been any, have they given you an appointment or is it just the letter stating you need to go for a colposcopy?

I had alot of gynea issues leading up to my treatment, the LLETZ seemed to rule out anything cervical confirming CIN3, im due my TOC next month x