2nd colposcopy and more treatment

Had my results back after first colposcopy and LLETZ. They have come back telling me I have precancerous cells and need to go back in for further colposcopy and more treatment. There was no grade on the letter so I called them up, the nurse on the phone said it was either CIN2 or CIN3. So not really any the wiser. I have my next appointment on the 8th but I'm so worried about it, last time I got panic attacks and was sick for the rest of the day. I think I would prefer to have it done under general but not sure if they will allow it. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hi you, I understand you must feel frustrated and frightened. As far as I am aware you may be able to ask for general if you prefer this - call a nurse in your clinic and discuss it, also mention your worries. From my experience, you have to keep pushing with the NHS to make sure you get the information you require and receive the care you want. Nobody can make you go through this if you want GA. All the best of luck and let us know what's going on! x