2nd colposcopy and biopsy

Just had 2nd colposcopy done on tues basically october had smear come back severe so went for colposcopy in november said looked normal and did biopsy that came back saying warty abnormality presuming hpv as my consultant is apparently old school so then wanted to see me back four months later which was on Tuesday. Having had discussion first said would do a smear if showed anything would then do colposcopy after it so went in another lady which i only presume was there to do smear but then she found the transmission zone so he had a look prodded around for around 20 mins scraping and doing whatever blumming hurt this time and said they found area which would now match my original abnormal smear as severe so done biopsies and told me will definately need to have it treated and he will write to me with results 2 - 3 weeks. my question is how come it wasnt seen on the original colposcopy as i saw on the screen it looked nice and pink im thinking maybe as im 44 a bit older it was now seen a bit further up any thoughts anyone?