2nd colposcopy and biopsy

Hi all

Had my 1st smear in Jan 17(aged 33) and results came back abnormal, referred to colposcopy which I attended in Feb 17 and had the lletz done there and then under la. I tecieved my results 4 weeks later by letter to say CIN3 removed with clear margins. I went for my 6 monthly smear in September 17 and within 2 weeks I had a letter saying I needed to go for another colposcopy. Went today and the doctor didn't really say much (maybe I should have asked) she did take punch biopsies. I asked her if I could opt for hysterectomy just with pre cancerous cells and she advised that if not clear after next treatment they would discuss. 

The letter I recieved from the hospital with aftercare instructions states that I will receive an appointment letter with my results within 2 weeks, is his normal? I thought it would be another letter with results?? And why take biopsies this time as opposed to lletz again? 


Thank you in advance


smear Jan 17

colposcopy with lletz Feb 17

March 17 all clear CIN3 with clear margins

sept 17 6 monthly smear abnormal 

Nov 17 punch biopsies during colposcopy - awaiting results. 

Hi Pickles, although I can't answer your question I too posted something similar I am awaiting my retest smear results. Hope you get the answers and results you need x