2nd Colposcopy 17 years after the last one

Hi, this is my first post (although I've been compulsively reading other people's stories for the last week). 

17 years ago I had treatment under a ga for extensive cin3, since then all has been fine. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had an impressive uterine haemorrhage and discovered I was severely anaemic. While exploring what caused the bleed, my doctor noticed I was 2years overdue for a smear and pinned me down.

I had a letter a week later saying I had high grade moderate dyskariosis, I had the colposcopy today, expecting treatment. 

The colposcopist was tight lipped and not terribly reassuring although he said it was a fairly small area. So I'm playing the waiting game for the biopsy now.

Are there any other second timers out there??