2nd check up - no scan... questions?

Hi ladies

Hope everyone is well.

Yesterday I had my 2nd check up since treatment finished. Treatment finished start of November. 

My first check up was the start of February, and that was a pet scan and internal exam and all was fine.

Now with my 2nd check up, they have just done a pap smear to test the cells, and an internal "look around" but told me that I will not be having an MRI or pet scan at this stage, perhaps later in the year. Doctors told me that if I had any alarming symptoms, I would have a scan immediately but right now it is not necessary.

I am so sure that they told me I was going to be having 3 monthly scans. And I didn't know that  I would be having a pap smear ever again.

Anyway, the doctor said the area is looking good and that it will be 1 week to wait for the pap smear results. 

I feel like I can't be relieved because I haven't had a scan, and am worried that I haven't been checked properly. 

What are others experiences? Is it normal to not have scans every 3 months? Has anyone else been in my position?

I had stage 2B with node involvement.


Thanks ladies.


Rosie xx

Hi Rosie. I had a PET for my first 3 month check (because it showed up some dots I then had an MRI, but that was an 'extra' and not originally planned). I've been told no further scans are planned at this stage, just 3 monthly clinic appointments - which I'm assuming will be an internal look. The consultant pointed out that we've been having scans since diagnosis through treatment (ct scans, brachy MRI), plus pre brachy the team had a "good look" while I was under apparently. It does seem weird, but I'm telling myself that they must be pretty confident and balancing the effects of scanning against any risk of reoccurrence. 

Anne x

Ps. I had a node involved, which made me particularly nervous about relying on internal exams, but the consultant said the nodes were clear pre brachy, and again at the 3 month PET, so I guess thats been taken into account. X


i had an MRI in Jan, then in April, I was told that aug will just be an exam. I honestly think it varies based on case but I do believe that a scan is required at least 2x the first year following treatment. :)

if you really need the reassurance mention this and explain your anxiety. Maybe you will be able to get one. Most dr are really understanding if you are really upset and need reassurance. 

all the best

Hiya,i had a scan before my first post treatment check and my consultant said he wouldnt do any more unless he saw any areas of concern.  All still looked good at my 2nd check in April,heres hoping for the same in August. 

Ad Lolli says tho,ask your consultant if you can have a scan anyway to put your mind at ease x