2nd baby - complications please help !!

Hi everyone ! 

Im just wondering if anyone has been in a similar position to myself . 

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1a1 is June 2014 , I had 2 loop biopsies and a cone biopsy . I was told at the time I would still be able to have children but would require a suture to help carry the baby .

with my first Baby , my consultant couldn’t get the suture in at 14weeks and at 16weeks my membranes were bulging and I was miss carrying , thankfully she attempted it again and got the suture in and I had weekly progesterone injections . After 20 weeks of bed rest My son was born early at 35 weeks but hes a happy healthy boy and I’m so grateful .

i am now pregnant with my second baby and sadly my Consultant this time after attempting the suture can’t get it in as she said there is just nothing to work with and the suture from the first pregnancy had probably made it worse when it was taken out . I will now just have weekly progesterone injections and she will monitor be closely with bedrest . As you can imagine I am worried I won’t be able to carry the baby myself . 

Has anybody had any success stories or similar situations with just having progesterone.

any support anybody can offer me I would greatly appreciate and again I am thankful for being blessed with one child I know for many more people it is a different story

thanks in advance







Hi Katie sorry to hear you're going through this.  how many weeks are you? Can you have a TAC instead? I'd recommend joining the Incompetent Cervix UK FB group for lots of support!


congratulations on your pregnancy and I totally agree - can you look into getting a TAC in place - trans abdominal cerclarge. It’s done higher up and can be done in pregnancy.

There is a support group called UK TAC support and there are contact details for specialist surgeon on there so maybe you could be referred? 

Best of luck with everything