2nd Abnormal Smear

Hello Ladies,

I am very new to this, I am after a little advice.

I am 25years old and had my first smear 6 months ago which came back CIN3 Severe Dyskarosis, I had LLETZ treatment the following week, It was all very quick.

I then caught an infection, after trips back and forth to the doctor and in a lot of pain, I was hospitalised with an IV antibiotic for 4 days.

I have just had my follow up smear and it has came back High Dyskarosis again with an appointment in 4days for treatment, My problem is i am under a consultant at the Gyno department due to suffering with really bad pelvis pain for the last 9months, when i had my smear last time i was in agony where before its never been a problem, I was wondering if you are able to choose your treatment, I am extremly nervous about having the LLETZ again due to the amount of pain i was in just for my smear test, Let alone to sit in a chair for 15 mins with the instrument up there (sorry for TMI).

Has anyone been able to choose there treatment or had the same problem as me?

Any advice would  be really greatful, Thank you in advance.



Hi Alexia

You may be able to request that a second LLETZ, if you need one, is done under general anaesthetic. That's how I had mine, and that was just because for some reason I found the local anaesthetic injections extremely painful. If you already have a lot of pain "down there" and struggled with the smear, it might be an idea to ask your consultant if GA could be an option for you. I would certainly have it again if I end up requiring further treatment.