2nd abnormal smear in a row

Hi everyone... im new to this and just wondering if anyone is going through the same thing and maybe give me a bit of advise!! 

I had my first ever smear about 7 months ago. Mild dyskariosis and evidence of HPV.. went for colposcopy and they renoved the cells

Using loop diathermy treatment. Think results came back CIN2 but not sure :-/ 

Anyway... had follow up smear last week... and how received a letter referring me back, saying it is now high grade dyskariosis?

What does this mean? I had the treatment inly 6 months ago which was supposed to remove all the bad cells! Im worried its something more serious now can anyone advise?

What can this mean. :-/ thanks

Hi there,

I do feel for you, as know only too well what a shock it is get an abnormal result after treatment. Do you know if know if there were clear margins after your LLETZ (loop diathermy)? Usually they seek to take some extra tissue and they check are no cells in it. If the margins weren't clear it means they may not have removed eveything the first time which could be you've had another abnormal result.

I think high grade includes CIN2 and CIN3 BUT both are still abnormal cell changes and not CC. 

Take care and all the best x