2b survivor stories

hi ladies

i am just over halfway through my treatment, have 2/ half weeks left of radio/chemo and then 3 brachytherapy after this. I was just wondering what the outcome for this can generally be, any stories anyone has to tell I would be very appreciative.


thank you in advance



Hi Tracy,

i dont come on here very often, but like to pop in once and a while and help where I can. I was stage 2b and have just entered my 2nd year clear, it's had a few ups and downs but I'm clear and my life is not taken over by cancer anymore.

stay strong and hope to see your remission update soon.



Aw that is a lovely story, just what I needed to hear


thank you so much for your time


tracy x

Hi Tracy


I was stage 2b, with lymph node involvemnt. Finished my treatment in March. Had my first post treatment scan at the end of June and there was no sign of cancer and my lymph nodes were back to normal size!!

Keep strong...the treatment can work!! xx

Hi Tracy :-)

I'm a 2b adenocarcinoma survivor, coming up to four years now. The only way I'd say that cancer has 'taken over my life' is that it has made me make the effort to enjoy it. I no longer spend time allowing myself to get depressed doing meaningless things. I try to be creative and to put some love into the world. I try to make smiles.

Be lucky :-)

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Hi Tracy,

Im a 2b with Lympn node involvement survivor, 2 years on the 21st of August. There are many of us out there :0)

Very best wishes with the rest of your treatment.

Big hugs, Mandy xxx

Perfect stories, thanks ladies, just what I needed :) 

Me too! 2 years clear end of April and now on 6 monthly check ups instead of 3 monthly! :-)


Sue x

Hi Tracy, I had my treament last Oct/Nov. I had to have a biopsy last month because they'd noticed changes after an MRI on my back. Thankfully the results came back the other week and everythings fine. It's just inflamation due to the radiotherapy. The first year can be nerve wracking with the 3 monthly check ups, but they're very quick to get your concerns checked out for you.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment and have a speedy recovery. :)


Megsmaw x