2B post chemoradiation surgery


At the clinic a few days ago (inconclusive 3 month MRI) the doctor I saw said that if I had residual cancer they might offer a surgical option immediately, before there was too much hardening of adhesions.

Is there anyone out there who has gone this route who would be prepared to answer a few more detailed questions from me? 

Thank you.


OK, so there have been no replies to the post I made a few days ago, so I'm guessing this isn't a common treatment route at this stage. 

If next weeks biopsy is OK then the question I posed will be academic, but if it shows residual malignancy, I will post again, as will be really in need of advice.

Thank you for reading.


Hi Hun, how has everything gone ? Hope you're ok & you have received some positive news..

big hugs

x x