29 yo, getting married this year, just been told I'm HPV+ with high-grade dyskaryosis

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and the title sums it up well, I guess.
I’m a 29 year old medical student who is getting married in October this year. I had a smear test result 2 weeks ago that was high-risk HPV+ and showed cell changes. Spoke to my Doctor about it today and apparently it’s high grade cell changes.

I’m surprised really because as much as I know a bit about this and the rationale behind screening, I’m scared. Plus, last year’s smear was HPV+ but with no cell changes. It worries me because it seems like changes have happened so quickly and as much as I’m trying to tell myself it might not be cancer, it feels very real in my head right now.

So grateful this place exists. Thank you for reading.

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Hi, I’m in the same position as you.
Last December 21’ I was HPV+ and no cell changes but my smear in December 22’ showed HPV+ and high grade severe changes. I had lletz treatment at my colposcopy appointment on the 28th December, the consultant asked me if I wanted it done there and then and I said yes. So I’m on the dreaded wait for results and it’s absolutely destroying me, the waiting is the worst. At first I was beside myself with such quick changes on just 12 months as everywhere you read says changes should take years. After writing on here and reading I’ve found that I’m
Not alone and others have also had quick turning cells.
You’re not alone, I know it doesn’t really make things any better. Have you had your colposcopy appointment through yet? X

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hi @Sconie

if its any comfort, I read somewhere that depending on several factors and the location of the lesion CIN can start in any of the three stages, but the average timeframe for CIN3 to potentially progress remains the same (3-15 years)

i ended up with CIN3 after CIN1 monitoring and needed a LLETZ last year, 29 at the time its terrifying but you arnt alone in how your feeling we have all been there thinking of the worst case scenarios and it doesnt matter what our backgrounds are when it come to our own health we cant help think the worst xx

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Hi am the same first told hsve Hpv high risk no changes cells 2021 then back end October and told 8 weeks later Hpv and moderate to high dysksry not sure spelling. And appointment on 9th for colposcopy i thought but was told no your having lletz i was so shocked. Now so worried about results and now have an infection inside and on metronidazole x Dr had no empathy

How have you been feeling since Lletz? X

Hugs i know how you feel xx

I had an infection too and was on antibiotics. I’m still bleeding heavily and it’s driving me insane. In fact I’m thinking of calling the doctors again tomorrow about it all x

Yeah hun were you ok on the antibiotics? X

I got a really dry mouth, and everything tasted like metal and oral thrush :roll_eyes: all side effects from the antibiotics