28yr first smear and symptoms

Hi everyone, 

this is my first post I've been scanning to find something similar but I guess I'm just worried and wanted someone to talk to. 

I had my first smear on monday, I also have had symptoms for quite a while inbetween pregnancies and just getting worse the last 10 Months. I have an app for more swabs next Monday to check for sti, and appointment for internal exam and possible referral Friday. I Have also been bleeding heavy since my smear. I'm worried obviously, but just wanted to see if it's possible it can come back as nothing at all and can anything else cause any of this? 

alicia xx

Hi, it sounds like you might have a cervical ectropion. I also have one of these and its fairly common and not usually something to worry about. You mentioned a possible referral, all they will do for this is send you to the colposcopy clinic and they will take a closer look at your cervix. If you are nervous take a family member or a friend with you but im sure it will be all be okay for you