26years old & recently diagnosed ( children mentioned).

Hey all. I am a 26 year old mum of 1. I have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Up to now ive had my mri & ct scans. Im having another examimation on monday under anisthetic to determind if it is comfined to my cervix or started to spread into my vagina. Scary times ive remained positive & my lovely nurse suggested this site to chat to other lovely ladies unfortnetly going through this too.

Hi sj,

Welcome, you might not want to be here, but you have found us.  The awful part of being told 'you have cancer' is done.  Now you are waiting, which for all of us, is the worse part.  Once you are staged, you will feel better, and can move on.  You will be doing something about it, and getting rid of it.  26 is young, but as we know on this site, cancer isn't agist, racist or any other ist.  Yiu are welcome to talk to us at any time, there is usually someone around.  Any questions, please ask.  Want to vent, then vent to us, because we understand.


Hi and welcome although I'm sorry you have had to come to this sight it really is a fantastic support. I was 26 when I was diagnosed with stage 2b adenocarcinoma only recently completed my treatment so if you have any questions feel free to send me a wee message. I have a son who is five so appreciate how scary this time is. Wishing you well. Charlene xxx

Hello SJ :-)

Pleased to meet you and welcome to the forum! Sorry you have found yourself here but really glad to know you had such a nice nurse to send to you meet us all. April & Charlene have both let you know what we're all about here, so I'm just joining in and saying hello as well. We're all here for you :-)

Be lucky



Thankyou for your replies ladies. I have a beautiful 14 month old daughter & knowing i have her and my amazing husband to be is giving me the strength i need.. waiting does seem to ne the worst after my ct & mri scans we expected to know but they feel i do need another examination so they know thebest route for me. Im scared of the not knowing i guess. Talk to me about your stages and what treatment you needed. Again many thanks x

Hi again SJ :-)

You're sounding really positive which is a great way to be :-) No doubt your daughter and your husband-to-be are a great help. I won't bore all the others again with my story but if you want to know any more about me just click on my name in pink and that'll take you to my profile. In there you will find "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy" which is a pretty long read so make sure you're sitting comfortably before you begin.

Be lucky :-)


Hi sj.

I had stage 1b2 Adenocarcinoma  Tumour over 4cm hence the 2 at the end of the staging.  I have chemoradiation, which is chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the same time.  Radiontherapy everyday (weekends off) for 6 weeks, chemo every week for 6 weeks, althought I never got to the 6th week, and by bloods weren't good enough.  I then had 2 bracytherapy, internal radiotherapy.

Hi SJ,

So sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. Wishing you all the best for your MRI xx

Hi SJ, its so weird writing about my journey as it feels like y-day that i was writing on here being newly diagnosed and having these ladies help.

From being told i have cancer to finishing treatment i can honestly say the worse part of the journey for me was the week of waiting to be staged so that i knew how bad it was. With bladder issues and back pains i thought i was in a bad way, so being told i was 1B2 felt strangly like a blessing.

Like April, i too had chemo, radio and brachy/internal radio but i had 5chemos, 28radios and 3brachy. I was due to have 6chemos and 2brachys but as it is still trial and errors they thought i would have a better response to more brachy.

Best of luck with your staging and journey xx

Hi hope all went ok for you today. I'm 32 with a little girl and got diagnosed last week, so I'm just waiting on my mri scan and examination- it is very scary but I am also trying to be positive and not think about things too much (and my little ones keeping me occupied) will be thinking of you x