25, strange burning pain

Hello, posting this as I feel at a complete loss. I’m 25, around four weeks ago I started getting an odd pain in my hips and lower abdomen along with this came abnormal bowel movements. I’ve never experienced any cases of abnormal bleeding due to being on the pill. However about 9 weeks ago pre op I came off the pill, so doctors are putting it down to my body adjusting but I’ve never experienced this ever before.

I went to A&E as I was extremely worried, I’m currently in recovery from a craniotomy to remove a brain tumor which is why i’ve not managed to book my smear in. They ran urine & blood tests, including a CA125 which was all clear. I then had an internal ultrasound, again all clear (womb lining was normal etc). Alongside this I had a bladder scan, all clear. Would an internal ultrasound pick up anything abnormal?

I went to A&E for a second time where they suspected I had a UTI, given antibiotics - no change.

This pain continued which pushed me to go to the doctors, had an internal exam (had some bleeding) but all normal from his perspective. He told me he thinks it’s a case to watch and wait (!!!)

The pain has increased to a more burning sensation around my hips/groin area, and I’ve been experiencing abnormal bleeding the past week. (Very very minimal but odd). I was set to have my first smear but the nurse said as I was bleeding she couldn’t do it. :tired_face: Booked in to see the GP tomorrow but I am so worried.

I’m just posting this as i’m so so anxious, as doctors are just putting these feelings down to my health anxiety and coming off the pill which i’ve developed but it’s honestly far from it. I have also had the HPV vaccine not sure if that makes much difference…

Thank you for reading any advice on what to do next would be appreciated.