25, First Smear, Colposcopy Apt

I’m 25, I went for my First Smear in June. I assumed that everything would be fine and come back normal when I got the results. I don’t drink, smoke and am pretty healthy. I was shocked with the result having HR HPV and Low Grade Dyskaryosis. I freaked out, I was anxious everyday after finding out my results and being invited for a Colposcopy. I understand it is at the lower end of the spectrum but it still caused me to panic. Yesterday I went for my First Colposcopy Apt. I tried to stay positive but was extremely anxious and thought I wasn’t going to attend. I don’t like hospitals and never have really had to go to them before. The nurse was lovely who had a chat with me about my smear result. She said because I was vaccinated it protected me against 2 types of virus and it was 1 other than I have. There was also another lady I assumed a nurse in the consultation room with me. I then realised she was on training. She was from a GP practice. I was asked if it was ok for her to come into the apt with me, I assumed she would just sit in the back and observe. I was wrong. I went in to the room to find another 2 nurses. This freaked me out. Having 4 people in my apt was too much. I could of said no but felt obliged to. The process was fast. She popped the speculum in, no pain, I also got to see it on the screen which was interesting. It looked healthy and normal at first glance. The solution went on and felt fine, no pain. The Colp nurse said it looked like HPV and CIN 1 so took a Biopsy which was ok just a sharp nip which soon disappeared. I was most nervous about that. However, I was shocked that it lit up white and it could be CIN 1. I think the embarrassment was worse than the actual procedure. I had my legs over the bars, the blanket wasn’t really covering up much of my dignity. The GP was stood right in my eye line watching. So this made it quite uncomfortable for me. I didn’t realise how open my legs had to be and how invasive it would be. I kept fidgeting throughout and things were happening so fast. I couldn’t hear what was going on because I was far away from the Colp nurse. They popped some solution on to stop any bleeding which I felt when they sat me back up. Hopefully if the Biopsy result comes back as CIN 1 it should clear on it’s own without any treatment. I am still anxious the day after, I’m not in too much pain but the anxiety is much worse. I have been anxious for the last few months of this process. I have found talking about it to other people helpful but it doesn’t take away the uncertainty factor. My mind is overthinking the worst, what if it’s CIN 2 or something worse. Having gone through this process I have learned a lot and now understand why having your smear is so important and can save your life. If left it could of got worse over time.

Hi Hunter98,
I’m in the same position now as you were in - I had my first smear in August and my results are exactly the same as yours. I have my colposcopy in mid October. I was shocked when I received my letter. I’m feeling really anxious about the procedure and is really helpful to read your experience. I’m worried about my dignity etc, I’m interested if I can see stuff on the screen but, like you said, I think the embarrassment will be worse. Can I ask if you took anyone with you - to the hospital or in the room itself?

Are you getting treatment or just being monitored?


I took my Mam with my to the Hospital but went in on my own. I’m sure you can take someone with you to make you feel at ease. I’m still waiting for my Biopsy result. It was a month yesterday since I had it done. I’m still waiting. I wasn’t offered treatment due to it supposedly being CIN 1 and HPV from what could be seen. It will be monitored and I will be re-called for a Smear in a year. I could see what was happening on the screen but I asked to see as it would settle my anxiety being able to see what’s going on inside me. But it can be turned away and you don’t have to see anything. I am nervous for my results but hoping it’s what is expected. I’m also doing all I can to fight the HPV. Taking Probiotics, Green Juices and managing my diet. Even though this wasn’t recommended. I just want to get rid of the HPV. Hopefully the bad cells were removed from the sample taken.

Please try not to worry! I was a nervous wreck for weeks building up. But when it was actually happening it wasn’t that bad. I even said that to the nurses. The mind and human imagination can make things so much worse!

Let me know how you get on. Best of luck! X

Thank you for your reply. Everything seems worse whilst you’re waiting for something - I’m guilty of overthinking to a high degree! I think I’d prefer to look at the screen during it as I’m interested in medical stuff. I just don’t know if I want someone in with me given I feel really self-conscious about this stuff anyway.

Would you say they’d take a biopsy at my appointment?

Did they explain what to expect in the examination beforehand and after what the results letter will tell you - should it confirm the diagnosis and level of cell abnormality and hpv status?

Good luck with waiting for your results, hopefully they’ll come through soon, keep me posted :slight_smile: x


So before I went in the Nurse talked me through what would happen but I already looked into everything so I knew what to expect. They can answer any questions you may have before hand. I asked if they would take a Biopsy and they can only really tell once they’re looking on the screen. I could see white patches appear and knew myself they would say they need to take it. The Nurse said it looked like HPV and CIN 1. After the appointment you get changed in a separate room and then back into the main room to have a chat about next steps. If you feel comfortable going in on your own do it. I didn’t want to take anyone in and I’m glad I didn’t as I had 4 people :melting_face:.

I now have my result back today. I have CIN 1. It should go away on its own and I have to go back in a year for another smear test. My letter didn’t say anything about HPV or the level of anything. But there’s information online and things x