25 and positive “high risk hpv result”


I stumbled across this forum when i got my results leaflet.
I am 25 and i have just got my smear results
I got a letter saying my sample showed high risk HPV was found and i have to go for a coloscopy?

I cant help but think the worst, i dont think i can wait 8 weeks for my coloscopy not knowing :worried: anyone else been in this position?! Feeling awful

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Yes I had a smear 1 year ago diagnosed HPV and abnormal cells…Called for colposcopy in May- Had Lletz treatment and biopsy done…
Results came back and Cin 3 present and letter said cells hghly likely removed!!
Test of cure smear due 6 months later but they hadnt sent my call up!! Total mix up with depts!!!
Only just had it last week…And that was solely because if your diagnosed hpv ur flagged for yearly smear!!
Told the nurse so she wrote urgent on my smear…got letter yday with NEGATIVE HPV result and nxt smear due 2026
Please,please dont worry reg colposcopy…its actually not too bad I admit I was petrified but was made to feel so at ease…and least your on the system now and it is sooo very common this HPV
Good luck sweetheart and like I said Please dont worry yourself sick :heart: take care x


Thanks so much for ur message its reassuring to know others are in the same boat…

My letter is fairly generic ( in scotland) just cant help but worry its something more / worse as it says abnormal cells :smiling_face_with_tear: did they do ur treatment in one day?

Thanks u x

Yes mine said Hov found and abnormal borderline cell changes- my first thought was the obvious!!
The doctor lady did the colposcopy and told me she had given me the lletz treatment( removal of the cells) and had done a biopsy… So then waited for few weeks for result and it said highly likely the cells had been removed and I had cin 3& would get the test of cure smear which obvs the mix up happened and never got it…sooo had the smear last friday and 1 week later as it was urgent came bk yday HPV negative thankgod…but please dont worry as if they feel the need to remove the cells they will on the day…pls take care and let me know how you got on…but I sincerely know exactly how you are feeling…:heart: please dont worry its very,very common xx


Thank you for your kind message. I cant help but think the worst!! Its my first smear also and letter just being very bleak isnt great either. I suppose i presumed it would just come back normal.

Good to know you are free from it now and doing ok!!!

Were you high risk hpv also?
:heart: xx

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Yes as after biopsie was informed I had Cin 3 xx

I am currently only just ahead of you in both age and journey! 26yrs old and i’m away to my colposcopy today (in 2hrs) i was ‘lucky’ and my letter has came relatively fast which im unsure how to feel about but atleast ill know sooner. I hope you find ways of easing your mind and remember its an incredibly low low chance of being CC. Everyone gets the virus at some point in their lives, the cell changes can be hard to view positively which i understand but try remember this is very early stages and all steps for prevention! Proud of you for going in when getting your letter at 25! :heart:


Hello :cupid: good to hear we are in the same position! I keep telling myself the chances are so slim but my anxious mind keeps kicking in with the “what ifs” lol
Let me know how u get on today i hope its all ok.

It reasures me that majority of my friends have been in the same position, i know more that have had “abnormal” smears then “normal”!

Good luck xxx

Awwwh that is so good to hear that your friends are opening up to you and reassuring you. Everyone is so different and i believe most go in and out without much concern! The process itself wasnt too bad. I actually had a student nurse in with me in mine. They actually told me my grade prior to the colposcopy which was good to know going into it. Hopefully they will let you know too! I have high grade cell changes and they took a biopsy to double check before carrying out anything further. They told me prior that no treatments will go ahead and only at most the biopsy which was also reassuring that it was small steps - for me personally with having anxiety it helped to ease my mind a bit. They are incredibly reassuring and ensure to keep your dignity at all point where ever possible. You can have the option to see whats happening if you wish -personally although not the most pleasant thing to watch - it really helped with my understanding and minimised being stuck in my mind. I was told that i will need treatment but they are going to wait for the biopsy results to confirm everything first which can take around 2 weeks to get to them and then up to another 2 before its processed, and an appointment is arranged and a letter will be sent out. They stated it could be between the 2-4 wk mark :slight_smile: i didnt find the process as bad as i thought i would so i hope you will feel similar when you know more about your when :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i do have a fair pain tolerence, i think the unknown how it will all feel was more concerning than anything i actually felt, and there always paracetamol and ibprofen to help when taken an hour prior :grin:

Just seen this post and thought to share my story, hopefully it will reassure others. My initial diagnosis was the same 2-3 years ago, I felt devasted and mentally burdened by it. I’ve been sent for biopsy, CIN1 result the first time then biopsy in a year’s time, showing no abnormal cells, follow up smear a year on - hpv negative, never felt more greatful in my life. I didn’t need treatment and they say nothing can be done except for wait and see, look after your immune system. I personally consciously took vitamins, anti- oxidants (incl. mushroom extracts), ate a very good diet (lots of leafy greens daily), excercised regularly, rested as much as possible and of course best if not thinking about it over and over again. You can and will recover from hpv even if everyone’s journey slightly different with it. It can feel the scariest thing ever. Keep your chin up, you will be taken care of, all will be well.

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Hi @Lunabelle i too have HPV what kind of vitamins did you take iv started on a multivitamin which kinda covers everything what is the mushroom extracts im all new to this but would love some advice on how to hopefully clear it from my system xx

Hi GD1, on top of a generally good diet, variety of food including fruit, veg , I started to take supplements that support immune system after my diagnosis : Vitamins C, E , selenium, zink, and carotenoids
I personally used vitamin products from: Solgar: anti- oxidants or immune support products, vitamin- D (higher dose 3000 IU daily for 3-4 months) ; Vitabiotics: ‘immunance’ products.
Active Hexose Correlated Compound High Strength Immune Support - Time Health , selected this based on Google search - many positive reviews on this one regarding efficiency with clearing hpv in particular - really recommend having a look. Hopefully some of this can be helpful. Wish you all the best xx

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Thank you so much @Lunabelle youve gave me great list of all i would need thank you for that i appreciate it loads :blush:im so glad it has cleared for you i hope im as lucky :two_hearts:xxx