25 and petrified

Hi All

I thought posting on here might help me as I'm laying here in bed absolutely terrified about things. 

I had a normal smear age 22 (I live in Guernsey where they are done from age 21 every 3 years but I hadn't been sexually active until then)

Had second smear a few months ago age 25 which came back mild changes and was reffered for coloscopy. Had coloscopy today and he said he would need to take a biopsy as he could see a small lesion on the cervix which could be more than just mild changes which scared me absolutely stupid. The worst thing was he couldn't take the biopsy in the end as he had trouble gripping my cervix  and him trying to grab it hurt so by the end of it I was near hysterical with pain and fear. I had a very bad experience with my coil fitting which was extremely painful so I'm really scared now about anyone going near there which anything sharp and made of metal! I left the appointment in floods of tears and all in all it wasn't a nice experience.

I'm going back in a month for a repeat smear and for him to try and do another biopsy. I'm hoping I might be able to ask for a local aneasthetic or something before I have it done, as I'm so scared of the pain it's making me panic even more about the appointment.

Trying to reassure myself by reminding myself that its not cancer its just precancerous cells but there's a small part of me that's really scared the biopsy is going to come back with something nasty that they haven't picked up on.

I just feel so alone with it as I don't know anyone that's been through this to speak to. I just hadn't expected to go through this so young and I'm finding it really hard to cope with. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance really.

Thanks for reading

Hannah xx



I'm so sorry you're in this situation Hannah it's really unpleasant especially when you're not used to be prodded and poked around down there. Big hugs and please don't be scared :). Mild changes usually go back to normal on their own. If you're able to have a biopsy and it comes back moderate changes they might give you some treatment called lletz to get rid of the cells. Lots and lots of people have had this so you're not alone and it's nothing to worry about. Definitely ask for a local to have the biopsy if it was too painful, can't see any reason why they'd say no. Chin up my love and keep us updated xxx