25 and high chance of cancer :(

hi ladies iv just found this website today as iv been going through a tough month so far! 

1st April 2014 (this month) i had my first smear test, 25 years old. literally 3 days later on the 4th my gp had called me and said my results are quite worrying and asked if i was sitting down so she could chat. my results had come back widespread severe high grade dskarosis but also 'bizzare straight cells' suspicious of invasive cancer! which is what was worrying my gp. i was referred to colposcopy on the 8th April just a few days ago...the doctor decided i needed treatment that day as the area ofcells was quite large but did say that she didnt think it looked typical of cancer and cant be sure till biopsy results are back. its only been 3 days since the colposcopy and biopsy and im just in a state :( obviously my smear has picked up cells that are like invasive cancer! :( i have two young children who i want to see grow up :( iv got two weeks of waitingfor the results and i cant cope. im off work and i cant look after my kids cos im so down about what the result will be. someone please tell me theyve had the same aort of result??

claire 25, 2 children aged 3 and 9 months x

Hiya yiuve came to the right place I would suggest not to google, I had

high grade all over the front of my cervix basically everywhere they could see, 

if the colposcopist doesn't think it looks like cancer then chances are it's not they know

what they are looking for, I can't answer about straight cells? It's not something iv ever heard of.

please try and not to worry we know how hard it is and eceryone on here will agree the waiting around really is the most awful part

It seems like it takes forever to get the results after my biopsy they had my results a week after so maybe try giving them a call to see what they say. 


thank u for replying! i think il try holding out till tuesday which will be a week and see what they say, unless they call me already by then. i cant believe this is my first smear and its come back like this. im desperate for the nhs to lower the screening age. iv had no symptoms whatsoever...although now im having bleeding, pain in belly, back and diarrheaa but dont know if thats down to the colposcopy ans biopsy done a few days ago. i have been googling but stopped now as its not helping things. xx

has anyone else had similar results to mine??? and also im having cramping low down in my belly tonigt but not sure if thats down to the biopsy and colposcopy few days ago... x

Hi Claire - exactly the same happened to me last year. I was told by GP and at colposcopy that they'd detected cancerous cells on my smear test (which was also my first). It was so frightening to be told that and I prepared myself for the worst. When I had my treatment the colposcopist told me that everything looked ok - she hadn't been expecting it to. I got my results 4 days later and it was only CIN3 - I have never felt so relieved. Try and keep you chin up - if it looked normal there is a really good chance that it will be and that you've got it in time. I'm going for my follow up smear tomorrow and feeling pretty churned up about it.

The cramping is normal after treatment, I had it for a few days afterwards. Fingers crossed it's good news - will be thinking of you xx

Thank u for your reply :) just had a phonecall today 9 days after colposcopy and biopsy and the biopsy is all clear and it was cin 3 they removed with the lletz!! So the same as u clare! IId never been so panicked in all my life! I will be having 6 monthly checkups for now. Does that mean i have hpv do u know? Nothing has been mentioned in my smear, colposcopy etc.... x 

Hope your smear goes ok tomorow! Keep me updated xx

Brilliant news Claire really pleased for you! Smear was OK thanks and the nurse said I've healed well from the Lletz. Now it's just the dreaded waiting game - jumping everytime the phone rings! I asked at my smear test about HPV and she said that I will have had some form of HPV which caused the CIN3 last time but they may have removed all of the virus with the Lletz. She said they will test this time and, even if there aren't any abnormal cell changes, I'll have to go back to colposcopy if the HPV virus is detected... Hoping that won't happen!!

Hope you had a little celebration at the weekend - we are the lucky ones who got it in time! xx

Hi Girls, Sorry for bursting in on your thread but i've have had the same as you. I had my first smear in March this year and it get back as high grade Dykaryosis. I had a colposcopy and Lletz which came back as CIN 3. I ve got to have a smear in 6 months to make ensure all of the Abnormal Cells have been removed. I was just wondering if you have had the results from your follow up smear and if they came back ok. I know the waiting is Awful. xx

Hi Simone, I got my results back on Saturday and they were normal with no evidence of HPV - the best possible news. I cried with happiness! I was so nervous about my follow up but tried to put it to the back of my mind as best I could, worrying won't change anything. Fingers crossed your story will be the same as mine xx

Oh Brilliant, Thats really good news i can imagine how relieved you were. I only had my Lletz a month ago and im already worrying about my follow up smear but hopefully it will be ok. Xx