25 and CIN 3 + ViAN 3

I had my coloscopy on 27th because my first smear came  back with CIN1 and HPV+. After he had taken a couple of biopsys he told me that it's aggressive and it's CIN3 and ViAN 3. That as soon as the biopsy results ccame back I would require surgery under general.  That's all he said! I'm very scared about how rushed he was talking to the nurses as I was getting dressed and then the nurse hugged me!!!! -as soon all I got the the car park I was in floods of tears. All the women on my mother's side have had grade 1 CC but after they turned 35. My father's side have cancer too my nan just passed away from brain cancer. I'm now waiting for the biopsy results then I'm called in ASAP for surgery. I'm 25 and have a 5 year old and I can't help but think the worse. Please someone tell me they had the same results and is fine and I'm just flipping for no reason! 




I know it's really hard not to but try not to panic! And stay away from Google *wags finger* It's not good if you Google things, trust me - I google'd myself into a frenzy last year.

The nurses are great, they are really understanding and she probably hugged you to make sure you were ok, not because there's something really wrong so please try not to read too much into that.

In regards to the CIN 3 - I have had CIN3 twice. The first was when I was 19 in 2008 and it was treated with LLETZ. I don't know if it's correct of the doctor to say aggressive - was that his exact word? Just that he might mean that there's a larger area to be removed and that's why he's suggested general, rather than local for your LLETZ. Only that I had to have my first LLETZ for CIN3 under local due to the size of it, however it wasn't ever referred to as aggressive. CIN 3 is still pre-cancerous and I don't think it really has an aggressive form, it's just graded on how much much cells have changed, which can just be down to factors such as HPV, time and whether you're a smoker etc (although I don't know if there is loads of evidence to back up the smoking bit).

I would just sit tight and see what you're consultant says after you have you LLETZ, as during the procedure they can have a better look at it and see what's going on. I got told at my colposcopy in 2014 that it was queried cervical cancer there and then so I think if the doctor would have seen what he thought was cancer, he would have possibly made you aware then.

Best wishes and keep us updated, very sorry to hear about your nan. Please don't think that just because your family have had dealings with cancer, that you will too - it doesn't always work like that.

Lucy xx