24 years old have symptoms private smear advice . help



Wondered if anyone could offer advice . Currently lying in bed cant sleep for worry :(

Im 24 abd have two young children . For about four weeks ive been experiancing spotting ( everytine i wipe)

I went to gp 3 weeks ago whom said she could see some erosion and come back if happens again . Anyway the spotting

Has turned into all the time will basically have red or pink tinged discharge which is only noticed after going for a wee . Sorry tmi   

Im also bleeding slightly after sex . Went back to gp who had a look and said he couldnt see anything that looked abnormal so will refer me . 

Ive had a app date for 6 weeks time . Im going out my mind with worry . Just wondered if i got a privste snear test dont whilst waiting

For my app if the results were abnirmal what would i do ? I mean in regards to nhs treatment ? I cant really afford a smear but 

Feel as though i cant sit here and do nothing . Will they even do a smear with spotting? 


So sorry for rambling on xx

So sorry about all the spelling mistakes ! X

If I were you I'd see what happens at your referral and if they're not able to put it down to anything else definitely try pushing for a smear. When do you turn 25? If it's not long away I doubt they'd have a problem giving you a smear as you're due one anyway at 25 but some GPS seem to be a bit funny about it. Try not to worry as those symptoms could be anything. I hope your referral goes well and you're able to get to the bottom of it. Keep us updated. Big hugs xxx

hiya hun im 23 had the same symptoms, try not to worry it may well be a erosion and that can be treated with cauterising the area ( doesnt hurt ) at the colposcopy clinic, but they will do a smear to be on the safe side ( normal gps dont like doing it to those under 25 i asked for over a year but hopsitals will ) also so no need to worry about that... 6 weeks i know can feel like a lifetime but at least you are on the right track now to getting it sorted x

Hiya  , 


Thanks so much for replying :) a doctor 3 weeks ago said she could see some erosion which reassured me but a gp yest said he could not see anything so confused me? 

Could erosion cause bleeding all the time though ? After reading on the internet about smears it seems ut wont

Get me any further at the moment so im juat wishing my app would hurry up ? Its just everytine i get leg cramp or back ache i just convince myself i have cc :( 



Hi Nlouise,

Sorry you have found yourself here. There should be a number for the colposcopy clinic at the top of your appointment letter. If you are really struggling waiting and wondering, you could give them a call to see if they have any earlier appointments as they may have cancellations to fill. If you explain your anxiety they might be able to get you seen a bit sooner. there are lots of things which can cause this, but you are totally on the ball being proactive and getting checked out. Big hugs x x x

Hi louise, 

You should also be able to ask for a colposcopy at your local sexual health or gum clinic. Ive experienced being seen on the day I turned up, as well as being referred.  It might be worth calling before you go. The main thing is not to give up and make sure they understand the symptoms are urgent. It might be nothing,  but I felt that making it sound serious to staff I got further. It might come across as pushy, but for me I felt that I'd rather be pushy given the potential seriousness of the situation.  But to echo what everyone else said, try not to worry, as 6weeks isn't that far off, and cc grows  slowly according to what I have been Led to believe. 

The other option is to ask your gp or nurse at the practice to do a smear test in the mean time explaining that you would like one to calm your anxiety. But for me that went a bit pear-shaped as I was told it was nothing to worry about and given beta-blockers. Thankfully I decided to investigate it myself at the gum clinic. 

Please don't worry too much,and good luck!

Nat x  

Hiya thanks so much for your replys its so nice to get advice so im not googling everything lol . 

I havnt actually had a official app letter yet as gp did choose and book so ive just messaged pals to see if they could find me the contact details . 

Believe it or not ive been to the gum clinic this am! Rang first they told me to go down . Anyway they had a good look . She said she could see some ectropion but tge blood im getting

Seems to be from coming from higher up ??? Confused now. She said everything else looks normal . She had a look and ive been referred to general gyno clinic she thinks i need 

A colopscopy so is writing to them today? No idea how long that will be though . Im pleased i went though as they could obviously look alot better than a gp could etc .

So hoping im not waiting to long for this app . Oh and i asked for a smear but they said as im having symptoms i dont need one as already being referred. 



hiya louise, ectroption in my case caused bleeding nearly all of the time, especially after any running sex or even going to the loo lol!! you might have to wait 4-6 weeks for ur appointment but the colopscopy clinic will be able to have a proper look at your cervix with a mangifying glass thing muchhhhh better than any gp or nurse can and they will do a smear for you :) try not to worry i know its hard but keep off google!!!


ruby xx

Hiya just wanted to update . Ive managed to get a cancellation for this wed ! Ive been referred to general gyno department . Does anyone know

What happens at your app just hope i dont have to wait for referrals for this and that etc .. im still bleeding well it comes out bright red when going toilet . Nothing inbetween . In a right state of panic 

Since the gum clinic said they could see i was bleeding from higher up so not the erosion :(


Thanks for reading  hope you are all well :) x 

Hiya just wanted to update incase anyone ever comes across this who is going through similar. 


I had a colposcopy today and all is well ! Well i have a erosion which they froze , but no biopsy etc as all looks healthy . I have just bern advised to go on the mirena coil to hopefully get cycles back on track . 


Just want to thank everyone who commented and hope this post may reassure anyone with similar symptoms xxx

Really glad to hear that :). Xxx