24 years old. First smear test back abnormal. So worried.

Hi all, I'm pretty worried about further tests. I'm 24, recently single and no children. I had my first smear last month and I was worried prior to screening as I had some symptoms of the cancer: bleeding during sex, bleeding whilst on the pill and my discharge is a funny smell regardless of products I use. These symptoms have been occurring for the past 7/8 months I would say. I'm really worried. The thought of not having children would devastate me. 


Would love some support. It's a hard time to hear it this time of year, I have uni hand in in the next couple of weeks and I need to stay focused.


I'm almost convinced it's cancer due to my symptoms. I can't take it off my mind. 

Hi Sarah, please try not to worry. These symptoms do not always mean the c word :) if your results are clear, I would still mention the symptoms to your doctor and see if you can be refered for a colposcopy. There a gynaecologist will be able to have a closer look and see if there are any other issues plus give you reassurance that everything is ok. this website has some great information on the smear test, results, treatments etc. if you haven't already had a look. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Hun and remember there are lots of ladies here who understand what you are going through xxx

Hi sarah, Its always scary to begin with and googling our symptoms only make us worry more especially when the word cancer is related to those symptoms, dont think the worst They will run some tests and get to the bottom of what it may be, and then your mind will be at rest a little, your in safe hands and your in the circle of being monitored! I know the feeling of worrying and constantly thinking the worst but dont, hold your head up and stay strong, everything will be okay Ellie xx