24 months clear colposcopy

Hi ladies, I am new to this site and looking for some advice. I had my first smear age 24 and it returned cin3 severe dyskariosis. I was called in and had a LLETZ procedure and told not to worry. However, when the biopsy returned I was told this had extended to my glands CGIN3. I was called in again and told a cone biopsy would be carried out the following week, to then be told this was cancelled due to my age and I had no children, as this procedure increases the chance of not being able to carry a baby full term. I had a meeting with a specialist who advised me to get regular colposcopy every 6 months. I have had 3 clear up to now and awaiting the result of my 4th. The nurse told me today if this is clear I will not be checked for another 12 months. This is quite worrying for me as when I asked if 12 months was enough time for abnormal cells to come back and advance to cancer.. The response was yes! I know I may seem a little paranoid and I should be grateful for my almost 2 years "clear" but the thought of cancer terrifies me as I am only 26. Has anyone else had a similar story and been discharged for yearly check ups after CIN3 and CGIN3? I am questioning whether to go private and continue with the 6 month check ups but the cost is around £500 which I can't really afford. Am I being paranoid or better safe than sorry? 

Hi there,

Your doctors are medically qualified, we are not. How you choose to spend your money is your own decision. Some choose shoes, some choose holidays, I spend mine on health because I have no choice in the matter.

Be lucky