24 hours after LLETZ and feeling unwell

hi everyone, 

I had my LLETZ done yesterday with LA and initially apart from pain I was fine.

Thismorning I felt ok and got up and went to work . (New job so didn't want to book any time off ) 

AFter 2 hours there I suddenly came over very faint , clammy and felt so sick. They let me come home but I just can't shake the feeling off.

Is this feeling normal or have I done too much too soon ? 

Your advice is appreciated.

Hi there,

I hope you feel better soon . I felt exactly the same after LLETZ. Sounds like you have overdone it, I was advised to take it easy for at least a couple of days after treatment. Don't forget, you have had a procedure and you need time to rest and recover. Think the whole thing makes you feel horrible anyway  - I didn't feel right for quite a while. Try to take it easy x

Thanks , I'm not feeling much better at all I actually feel like I'm going to be sick Thismorning.

and there is a stinging burning sensation almost like a uti?!

I'm also kicking myself that whilst in the appointment I didnt ask half the question that I'd wish id had ... It was a bit of a blur.

 It frigtened me that I was reffered as a two week wait ( having just started working in a Drs surgery I know this means suspected cancer!!)

I don't know if this is standard for severely abnormal results or if this was a inclination of what they found on the smear . 

Any way throughout the whole appointment I expected him to say what CIN grade it was and I didnt ask so I still don't know !!! Grrrr I was so taken a back by the fear of the LLETZ .

maybe I should just call them on Monday and get them to check my notes. 


Hi honey 

I too was seen within a couple of weeks , I think they try to see you as soon as possible. When you get your results this will tell you what grade it was and what they found. It's a horrible feeling I felt poorly for quite a while, but anxiety plays a big part in feeling sick and out of sorts. Don't worry that you didn't ask everything you wanted. You could ring your consultant secretary if you have any questions. I was told that CIN is precancerous cells. I too felt uncomfortable after treatment. Maybe call your gp on Monday if you feel no better. Try to relax hope you feel a bit better soon x 

Thank you I will call tomorrow to have a chat with them.