24 - CIN2

Hello everyone,

I am new to here, im 24 years old.


Today i recieved my letter from colposcopy and it has been confirmed i have CIN2.


When i went for my  colposcopy appointment and had a biopsy - after my first smear test, which confirmed i had  low grade changes and HPV. 
My letter has stated that my smear results were wrong and now there will be a meeting as to why it stated low grade when infact i have high grade changes plus HPV.

I am really worried about everything, and my mind is constantly on overdrive.

My mother had cervical cancer and misdiagnoised for 5 years - thank god she is now in remission, but due to her terrible experience this has obviously added to my worry.

Can anybody tell me what i should expect next?

Hi Dawn,

How horrible to have such a confusing set of results. Try not to worry sweetheart, and as tempting as it might be I wouldn't start Google-ing on this. Can you call the clinic or hospital to ask about what's happening next, or maybe your GP?

Macmillan may also be able to give general advice 0808 808 0000


Generally CC is found from having Hpv for a number of years and it is not genetic. 

Is the meeting having you involved? If not sometimes Drs etc have meetings about cases to discuss things so mistakes don't happen :) like why u were told low grade and they were high grade. I would imagine they will offer you a leep procedure :) CIN2 is precancerous and u have had a biopsy done saying this - pre cancer is not cancer. 

The meeting isn't involving me, from what I gather it's a basic meeting as to why I was told I had low grade, when infact its high. 


When I was at colposcopy they talked breifly about CIN 2/3 and mentioned a LLETZ treatment, but tbh they didn't go into massive detail and I've tried not to google anything, as everyone is different. 

Im just very worried, I just wish I had a idea of when my next appointment is and what's going to happen